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Exquisite. Elegant. Uncompromising.

Producing some of the world's most desirable boats, the Frauscher shipyard constantly excels in innovation and distinctive design: Personification of a passion for classic craftsmanship, stylishly combined with state-of-the-art design. The fusion of traditional, high-quality boat building with striking clear sculptural form is more convincing than ever.

The company, based in the glorious natural setting of Lake Traunsee, has established itself as one of the most desirable international premium boat brands and has evolved from a traditional family business to a modern business enterprise in recent decades. Favoured and appreciated by boat connoisseurs and boat lovers, they now market innovative and exquisitely designed motor and electric boats that are particularly renowned for their striking elegance and high-quality workmanship: "Made in Austria".

Motor and electric yachts for both the head and heart…



An architectural passion for elegance, these boats are the remarkable outcome of an uncompromising approach to design


With astonishing handling, a stunning ride and seemingly endless power, an intoxicating experience is for all


Copious heritage and family tradition delivers premium build quality through excellence, proven technical knowledge and expertise



A lot has happened since Engelbert Frauscher realised his lifelong dream in 1927. He probably never would have dreamed that Frauscher would be setting standards for international boat building 90 years later. With innovative ideas, excellent craftsmanship and a passion for boatbuilding, he created a legacy that would endure.

His passion for boat building still infuses the company today and has been passed on to his sons and grand-children alike. For three generations now, they have been building yachts that inspire boating professionals and enthusiasts all over the world. The virtuosic design, impressive performance and excellent quality are a joy to all adventurous spirits.

Frauscher is now a key player on the international boatbuilding and sales market with innovative ideas, excellent craftsmanship and a passion for what they do. With a modern shipyard and a sustainable, pioneering strategy, they are focussing on the versatility of their motor and electric yachts to ensure excellent performance on all waters.

Frauscher Boats UK proudly represents the Frauscher Boats luxury brand of high quality motor boats in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is part of Grosvenor Yachts Ltd. The Grosvenor Yachts brand has become a synonym for luxury, high quality and customer service.





Frauscher makes no compromises in its pursuit of aesthetic purity, with its radically polished looks and high-end sporting pretensions. But looks alone certainly wouldn’t suffice for this builder, the demand is also for refined engineering and construction, for which Frauscher has seemingly an endless pool of talent available. Excitement, performance, refinement and opulence are hallmarks in the combustion range.


From the lustrous glint of the stainless-steel anchor, along the almost surgically precise spray rails, past the raked, tinted screen to the deep-carved hull steps and the muscular aft haunches, these boats are a profoundly affecting piece of naval sculpture. The electric range from Frauscher deservedly draw the crowds and are reassuringly practical. These boats master the water whether in a lake, out in the bay or simply cruising quietly down river, whilst basking in admiring glances from the shore.



…the creator of turned heads; effortless, eternal and beautiful…



Jaw-dropping performance, sumptuous beauty and opulent elegance, a sense of occasion that unleashes your sentiments, along with pure joy in glorious natural settings are all part of your vocabulary.

The quality of these boats is a result of heritage and dedication. That’s why they are Frauscher boats. Quite simply, Frauscher Boats UK is here to exceed your expectations and make your dreams a reality.


…for those who believe good is not enough…



We exist to create experiences where passion and the marine environment come together in harmony. Our love of the sea demands our commitment to your safety, protection of the environment, maritime education and training and shared ethical values.

We want to assist you in having the very best possible experience and would be grateful if you take notice of the following information.

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